Friday, April 29, 2011


Angelica Korzec
HMUA and Styling: Carmi, Luna and Bendafourth
A Pinoygraphers Photo shoot

Semana Santa

Holy week (Semana Santa in Spanish) is a significant religious festival in the Philippines. Good Friday or Biyernes Santo of the holy week is commemorated with street processions. People flock the streets to witness the senakulo, the reenactment that depicted events related to the sufferings and death of Christ and the processions of the devotees who self-flagellate as fulfillment of a vow, appeal for forgiveness or thanksgiving for a granted request. Some performed penitensiya, an act in which a person lashes himself with a wooden or metal whip, others carried a heavy cross and some depicted Jesus himself while people kicked, dragged and hit him.

It was my first time to stand amongst the crowd and watch the procession. I was really moved by the dedication of those who were a part of it. As a daughter of God, there is one thing I wish: that we see the true meaning of repentance and that we learn that sacrifice does not begin and end only during the holy week.

Photos taken in Castillejos, Zambales.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eddieboy + Fides

Eduardo S. Pecson + Fides C. Vargas
April 8, 2011
Manila City Hall | Dad's Restaurant, SM Megamall

My mother's cousin, Tito Eddieboy got married last April 8. He is one of the coolest uncle you'll ever meet and I decided to cover their wedding as a gift to the newlyweds.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well my uncle does, when he first met Tita Fides, "that was it," he said. He fell in love right away, he followed her to the bus and even though he didn't get the chance to sit next to her, that bus ride was the beginning of their love story...

The newlyweds and their cute nieces

My lovely grandmas

The End ♥

Graduation Day

March 19,2011 a date I would remember for the rest of my life and also the day my occupation status went from being a "student" to "unemployed." 

College has taught me a lot of things. Growing up in a foreign country and continuing my studies in my homeland was not easy at all. There were times I cried because I couldn't understand my Filipino subject (slightly exaggerated) At my first day of Filipino class, my professor asked me the translation of the Tagalog word, Kasaysayan. I proudly answered "Arts, Ma'am!" Poor me, it was actually History. Close enough huh?

Despite my poor Filipino language, I can proudly say that I graduated as the first Cum Laude of Batch 2011, the Golden batch (Okay, someone's being cocky :D)

For four years I have worked hard to receive my diploma, and once I stepped onto the stage, I turned into this greedy graduate eager to grasp the diploma in my hands.

 I was steps away from the Vice-President of our school but I was already reaching out for my diploma :D

         Teary-eyed while delivering my speech ;(

My dearest Mom and Dad marched with me to receive my medals :)

My handsome Dad :)

I'm really thankful for all the blessings and now that I have graduated, I'm ready to face the world one blog entry at a time :)

Photos by Ceejay Fernandez

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