Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dubai Fashion Week SS2012

I know it's quite late for me to blog about Dubai Fashion Week which occurred last October 20-24, but having a day job is not as easy, it makes me so tired that when I get home I just want to sleep and rest. Last weekend (Weekends are my dedicated blogging time), my whole family and I were sick with the flu and so even if I had my pictures ready, I wasn't feeling like posting a blog.

Back to the main topic, Dubai Fashion Week was the first fashion show I have ever attended and I'm really happy I got a media pass for it, bonus! Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of being on those shows, I always thought I would become a designer myself because I used to have this binder full of fashion sketches and said that I would open up my own boutique one day. I even bought a pricey book on fashion designing just to learn more about it. Well, I still sketch some designs every now and then, but with photography, day job and everything, I hardly find time for it.

The girl responsible for giving away the media ID's gave me a backstage pass sticker so if ever she gets to read this, thank you so much Ate (She's filipina) for giving me one. After entering the hall, I immediately searched for the back stage, well I entered the VIP room first but everyone was just drinking some champagne (and other expensive drinks) and socializing. So I left the room at once, I mean what would I do there, 'Hi, I'm Janine and uhmm...?". So I quickly left the room and eventually found the back stage (cue in angels singing hhaaaaaa.....) There it was! Models being made up, Make up artists and hair stylists occupied with fixing up their own models. It was a beautiful chaos. I put down my camera bag and clicked away...

 I can't wait to attend the next DFW. It was really a great experience, meeting photographers, models, bloggers and artists. Stay in tuned for my next DFW blog post about some of the shows I attended. Thank you for reading :)

(c) Janine Khouri Elias. Pictures cannot be used without prior consent from Janine.


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