Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pumped up kicks - Foster the people cover

Yay finally, another cover! It's been a long time since I wanted to cover a song, but I'm so busy and at times, I admit, lazy... It's my first time recording with my 5D but the HD quality was  ruined by my video editing, next time I'll learn to edit my video with Premiere Pro, so that I can post a better quality video for all of you!

If you read my description on youtube, I've written my apologies about the crappy guitar sounds, I think my 9 year old guitar needs a replacement (I'm sorry baby, I love you but you need to rest) It has a huge crack on the side and the strings are too old and rusty, it hurts my fingers to play for a long time. Anyone generous enough to sponsor me one? Just kidding! (But if there's someone out there who wants to, I wouldn't stop him/her from doing so... kidding again :) I'm trying to save money for a new guitar, but with my photography expenses in the way, it's quite difficult. But hey, one day I'll be able to.

Thank you, if you've read my whole blog. To those out there who scanned and looked at the bottom (I know who you are...) Thank you as well! I hope you enjoy my cover of Pumped up Kicks by Foster the people, another awesome band! Check out their other songs as well.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oscar at One

Oscar's 1st Birthday
The Address Hotel
Video: Record Box Productions
Coordinator: Tickles and Giggles

Have you ever been to a children's birthday party and thought, "Well, this is new and fun"? A party unlike the typical ones which you attend at restaurant party halls where a host, a mascot and a magician entertain you with their memorized lines and acts. Don't get me wrong, those are quite fun too, but Oscar's birthday was something new. Everyone had a smile on their face when they entered the doors of the party venue. It was filled with colorful balloons, sweets and decorations. Cookie designing, face painting and creating your own caterpillar are among the activities the children enjoyed. Oscar's theme circled around colorful caterpillars, there was a huge balloon creation of a caterpillar hanging above the children's chairs and tables and his cake was decorated with the cute character as well. I had so much fun shooting Oscar's birthday and I hope the pictures below will put a smile on your face too...

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fashion TV Brings the Glamour of the Catwalk to Dubai Mall


Dubai, UAE 27 November 2011 - Internationally renowned television network Fashion TV (FTV) and UAE based Saif Belhasa Group are proud to announce the official launch of the first 'I Love Fashion' store in the Middle East, adding to FTV's portfolio of 70 stores worldwide.

Catering to an audience of young fashionistas, the store offers luxury collections at affordable process ranging from classic casual items to glamorous evening wear.

Michel Adam, Founder of Fashion TV said: "Iam thrilled to be adding Dubai to our portfolio.Consumers in Dubai are very fashion forward, love to dress up and aren't scare to try new things. This is exactly the kind of woman we want to attract, someone who lives an breathes fashion. Fashion TV is the biggest fashion medium in the World and is focused exclusively on fashion, beauty, trends and style. It was a natural next step to move into retail and I am looking forward to a successful launch in Dubai."

Saif Ahmed Belhasa, Chairman o the Saif Belhasa Group commented "following the success of Saif Belhasa Group in retail, we want to bring new fashion concepts to the region, and I Love Fashion from Fashion TV is a world class brand. We secured the first flagship store in Dubai Mall and plan  to expand rapidly in the GCC Countries with the five stores set to open in 2012 including one in Abu Dhabi.

Sarah Belhasa, Brand Ambassador for I Love Fashion added: "This will be the first of many 'I Love Fashion' stores in the region. It's great to be able to offer a totally new concept and with so many fans of FTV here in the UAE, we felt it was only right to start with Dubai."

The 'I Love Fashion' line offers FTV fans and consumers even more choice when it comes to updating their wardrobes with eye-catching, fun and casually elegant pieces. The collection ranges from bold prints nd vivid colours ideal for glamorous nights out to pretty florals and casual wear perfect for lazy days on the beach. A bespoke slection of jewellery and handbags accompanies the apparel with subtle hints if the famous Fashion TV logo seen throughout.

The Dubai Mall based store is the very first smart 'I Love Fashion' store in the world to feature smart technology. 40 personalized style mannequins create a virtual catwalk and move by suspended convey belt, giving a 360 degree view of the outfits both in the store window and throughout the store enabling customers to peruse latest collections at ease. An LED catwalk and TV, screening the very latest footage from Fashion TV provides a central focus for the store and high energy music places shoppers front row, in the midst of the action.

State-of-the-art smart technology also extends to the back of the store, allowing store to digitally catalogue stock and access required pieces as they are brought to the front of the store room at the click of a button, using the very latest iPad technology.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Love Fashion Launch

Checking my inbox and finding an email with a subject, You are invited to the I LOVE FASHION official opening event, sparked my curiosity. I quickly opened it and found an invitation for Fashion TV's I love Fashion store launch in Dubai Mall. Having that the event was on a Sunday, I thought twice if I would attend because I had work and the event started 30 minutes after my work schedule. I finally decided, who cares if I came dressed up in my office clothes? I'll go there with my camera in hand and shoot.

I arrived at the venue to a pool of people mingling and socializing, I quickly phoned the person who invited me and made sure to say hi before I went around and met other people. It was tough because everyone were dressed to impress, and I was on my slacks, blouse and flats; under-dressed much? Nevertheless, I went and walked around as if I was wearing a lovely dress, sky-high heels and a sexy red lip ;) It was nice to see familiar faces of bloggers and photographers. I started chatting with them then I moved on to browsing the store's clothes while snapping some photos. Besides the hanging mannequins and racks showcasing the clothes, accessories and bags; a dj was hired to mix us up with some groovy music, a photo booth (Fishfayce) was set-up for a quick snap and print of pictures, and a projector was hooked to a telly to display Fashion TV's channel. At about 7:10pm the fashion show started, exhibiting some of the clothes we would be expecting from the store. 

If you'd like to know more about I Love Fashion TV store, tune in for my next blog entry. Pictures from the launch party and the fashion show itself are below, enjoy! :)

(c) Janine Khouri Elias. Pictures cannot be used without prior consent from Janine.

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