Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Love Fashion Launch

Checking my inbox and finding an email with a subject, You are invited to the I LOVE FASHION official opening event, sparked my curiosity. I quickly opened it and found an invitation for Fashion TV's I love Fashion store launch in Dubai Mall. Having that the event was on a Sunday, I thought twice if I would attend because I had work and the event started 30 minutes after my work schedule. I finally decided, who cares if I came dressed up in my office clothes? I'll go there with my camera in hand and shoot.

I arrived at the venue to a pool of people mingling and socializing, I quickly phoned the person who invited me and made sure to say hi before I went around and met other people. It was tough because everyone were dressed to impress, and I was on my slacks, blouse and flats; under-dressed much? Nevertheless, I went and walked around as if I was wearing a lovely dress, sky-high heels and a sexy red lip ;) It was nice to see familiar faces of bloggers and photographers. I started chatting with them then I moved on to browsing the store's clothes while snapping some photos. Besides the hanging mannequins and racks showcasing the clothes, accessories and bags; a dj was hired to mix us up with some groovy music, a photo booth (Fishfayce) was set-up for a quick snap and print of pictures, and a projector was hooked to a telly to display Fashion TV's channel. At about 7:10pm the fashion show started, exhibiting some of the clothes we would be expecting from the store. 

If you'd like to know more about I Love Fashion TV store, tune in for my next blog entry. Pictures from the launch party and the fashion show itself are below, enjoy! :)

(c) Janine Khouri Elias. Pictures cannot be used without prior consent from Janine.


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