Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pumped up kicks - Foster the people cover

Yay finally, another cover! It's been a long time since I wanted to cover a song, but I'm so busy and at times, I admit, lazy... It's my first time recording with my 5D but the HD quality was  ruined by my video editing, next time I'll learn to edit my video with Premiere Pro, so that I can post a better quality video for all of you!

If you read my description on youtube, I've written my apologies about the crappy guitar sounds, I think my 9 year old guitar needs a replacement (I'm sorry baby, I love you but you need to rest) It has a huge crack on the side and the strings are too old and rusty, it hurts my fingers to play for a long time. Anyone generous enough to sponsor me one? Just kidding! (But if there's someone out there who wants to, I wouldn't stop him/her from doing so... kidding again :) I'm trying to save money for a new guitar, but with my photography expenses in the way, it's quite difficult. But hey, one day I'll be able to.

Thank you, if you've read my whole blog. To those out there who scanned and looked at the bottom (I know who you are...) Thank you as well! I hope you enjoy my cover of Pumped up Kicks by Foster the people, another awesome band! Check out their other songs as well.

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Reem said...

I really love your hair color. What brand and color code is it? :)

Janine Khouri Elias said...

Hello there Reem! I switch with two colors, either Schwarzkopf's Palette Deluxe Flaming Red 6-888 or Garnier Color Naturals by Nutrisse in number 6.66 - Intense red. My hair is quite faded in this video, for the initial application, it'll be really red :)

Reem said...

Thanks :) Is your natural hair color light as in blonde or light brown? I have jet black hair and lighter colors like red don't really appear the same as on the box :(

janine said...

Mine is dark brown actually :) I pre-lighten my hair/Bleach before I put the red on. It's quite a pain to have red hair, it's so tedious! But I say if you like it, why not go for it :)

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