Sunday, April 8, 2012

Splash Fashion Paradise Spring/Summer '12

Splash, a high-street fashion powerhouse and Middle East’s largest fashion retailer recently held their Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Show. The region’s biggest open air fashion party.

Al Badiya Golf Course, Dubai Festival City, a huge place where most concerts are held, gave good grounds and accommodated those who attended. By those, I mean a whole lot of people. The show was divided into two a 3pm one for under 21 yrs. and a 10pm show for 21 yrs. and above which had an after party. My high school friends and I attended the latter, and a lot of people did as well.

Now onto the show itself... The theme was Tropical Fashion Paradise. The stage was decorated with giant fashion accessories, trees and flowers. A long ramp was placed in the middle and people where standing on both sides, plus the VIP lounge. The show started with models showcasing denim. Denim jeans, shorts, polos, jackets and overalls. Then a set of printed clothing were shown. Not those of what we're used to like plaids, stripes and polka dots, but more of the super bold futuristic-prints which are hot this season. In a way, the pieces looked so elegant but can still be worn for day to day outfits. Another trend seen on the runway were the neon coloured body hugging clothes. They would definitely catch anyone's eyes with their eye-popping colours and thick black lining. I personally wouldn't be able to wear those but it would really look good on those with good physique. The show ended with more elegant pieces; long crystal-encrusted evening gowns, colourful coats and chinos for men, pieces adorned with glitters and sheer fabrics attached to dresses. The last piece shown was of a baby blue gown with gold sequins topped with a Victoria Secret-esque wings worn by the model. Splash did a great job in showing the vastness of their pieces. Since being able to watch their last fashion show, the rock-themed Fall/Winter 2011 as well, I can definitely say that Splash always does an awesome job with their production.

I enjoyed the night with my friends and sister. We're all looking forward to the next one. I wish I took more pictures but since I did not want to go through the hassle of bringing my 5D, I brought my 400D instead and propped a 50mm, since I did not want to carry a heavy lens. I was there to have fun not take pictures. Please bear with the few pictures I have below.

PS This is the second time I typed this blog post. Long story short, I accidentally clicked a link and when I hit the go back button, the blog entry's long gone. Okay, I won't cry over spoilt milk, just wanted to get my frustration out there.

High school friends, sister and moi :)

Wore a mint green top, a taupe body con skirt and my trusty Keds.
(I knew I was going to stand for a long time and didn't want to spend the night moaning because of my aching feet)

Denim on denim

The stage with the huge purse

Neon divas

Evening wear

the show-stopper

Fireworks at the end of the show


Lady gaga?

More information about Splash here.


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WOW very nice!

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