Monday, July 23, 2012

Petar and Josenne

Petar and Josenne
Jebel Ali Resort Resort & Spa

I've always envied wedding photographers who covered simple beach weddings. It seems so peaceful, like no stress at all. This has been one of the simplest weddings I've done, yet one that I really enjoyed. I don't usually post long introductions, but believe me, this one deserved it. Their love story is just like a true-to-life romantic movie...

Petar Bukovala, a Serbian-German pilot and Josenne Angbetic, a Filipino flight attendant both met in a Melbourne-Auckland flight. The fourth day of their trip, when all the crew had dinner together, conversations started and Petar never left Jossene’s side. During their flight back to Dubai, he called Josenne to the cockpit to see the stars and the thunderstorm across Sri Lanka (Now that, is one thing you don't see up close every day...)

On their second date, Petar did not waste any time and introduced Jossene to his family. Soon, their relationship became serious. They had their fair share of ups and downs just like any other couple.

One time, Josenne had an 8-day Bangkok-Sydney trip. Petar made sure he called her hotel room every day, just to check up on her, little did she know he was planning something special. On the 6th day, he left her a bouquet of roses and a letter at the reception, seconds later, she received a phone call and Petar was on the other end, telling her that the flowers were not the end of his surprise… She suddenly felt someone was standing behind her and when she turned, there he was! The love of her life, who flew to Bangkok just to see her. Before she knew it, he was kneeling down on one knee and reaching for a ring on his right pocket, and... of course you all know what comes after that, he asked her to marry him! Ofcourse she said yes. Everyone around started cheering and clapping, they were as overwhelmed as Josenne was. The ring that Petar gave was a family heirloom, he asked another pilot to fly the ring from Germany to Dubai, and had it right before he left to meet Josenne in Bangkok. And so, here they are happily married :)

Now, didn't I tell you to read it until the end? The wedding was as beautiful as their story, a simple wedding at the beach. Only close friends and family witnessed the event, and it was such a peaceful and happy day.


wekenlove said...

nice nice. congrats for the nice photos

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