Friday, August 2, 2013


August has come! For some, the hot, icky weather may be starting to cool off a bit. But in here, it's still as if we're just a couple of miles away from the sun, no exaggeration. I wore this outfit for a presentation meeting we had for the AW'13 season. An outfit I thought would make me look a little more polished without piling up a lot of layers, I mean who would be able to pull off layered clothing in this kind of weather and not shed a single ounce of sweat? I know I wouldn't.

I don't usually wear heels, but if I do, it's gotta be comfortable, so I got this classic wedge pair from Forever21 and they're really easy to walk into. If you're having a hard time strutting your stuff in heels, and seem like you just can't get the hang of it, ease yourself into those high stilettos by wearing wedges and just go on from there :)


Sanja Mujkanovic said...

so cute!

Dixsie B. said...

I love the 4th pic.. <3 - Blaadeh

janine said...

@Sanja - thank you so much hun!
@Dixsie - Blaade Thank you so much! loveyou!

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