Saturday, October 26, 2013

Striped florals

I'm more of a jeans, loose-tee and sneakers kind of girl and this day was one of those where you just want to get ready and head out of the door instead of making three or more outfit changes and poses by your mirror. 

Since I'm always after the comfort factor and opt for basic silhouettes, I try to incorporate some fun prints into my everyday looks. So I combined this loose stripe tee with my fave floral vans sneakers. Comfy top, check, fitted yet super cosy jeans, check, fun kicks, check! Okay grab some breakfast and out of the door! (I would never forget food, it's that important to me)


Lauren Ashley said...

Love your looks miss Janine :) I have the same necklace as yours. Follow your blog. Hope you follow back.


janine said...

Thank you Lauren. I really appreciate it :) Looking at your blog right now :)

Bas said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog.

To expose the film again you just rewind it and shoot over it again, Lomography cameras make it easy by giving you a switch to flip that rewinds it for you - see, I just took the mystery out of it ;)

You're so pretty girl! Crushing on your hair and shoes.



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