Sunday, January 19, 2014

Glitter nails

I've been asked a lot about the ombré glitter nails I wore throughout the holiday season and I wanted to share how I did it with you :) I've been inspired with the holiday season's glitter craze and I once saw a picture of this design with red nail polish. I wanted something more light and less bold so I opted for a cream base instead. 

Before anything, I always start with a base coat to strengthen and protect my nails from discoloration (You know how you get those icky yellow nails after removing your polish? This is one way to prevent that). After one coat of the base polish, I applied three coats of the cream colour, I got mine from RedEarth cosmetics. I did three coats because the colour was way too light and sheer and I wanted an opaque base. After allowing it to air dry, I moved onto the clear polish with silver glitter from Sinful Colors. I started to dab a few onto the bottom part of my nails. After dabbing, I lightly drag the brush upwards, making sure that most of them are still on the bottom and only a few are dragged above. I apply another coat of the glitter polish still making sure that it mainly stays on the bottom, then I scrape off the remaining polish on the bottle and drag from bottom upwards. You can even apply a few more glitter above if needed, this really depends on you. I decided not to add a clear top coat because the glitter polish is enough, but you can go ahead if you want to. You can experiment with this and maybe try to do it upside down, heavy glitter on top and gradually fading below, or you can also cover your ring finger with full glitter for a more "off-the-moment" look :) Enjoy!


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